CabDoor's 2016 ColorTrend™ Finish Collection

It's here... We've created one of the most comprehensive selections of today's most popular finish options available.

As cabinetmakers ourselves once, we get that building anything well requires the right tools to be employed at the right times.

We understand you are not just building kitchens, but you are building a business... And we think ColorTrend™ has a place in your "Business Tool Box"

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Why buy pre-finished parts?

Because finishing is hard...

When it goes well, it can be rewarding… but when it goes wrong, so much can go wrong.

With your success in mind, we continue at CabDoor to come up with products, processes and offerings to help you succeed in your business as a Cabinet Professional.

Even though each of us defines "Success" in our own way, ColorTrend™ still has a place in helping towards that Success.

What is Success to You?

Success could come through Scale. Increasing your operations output, within the same physical constraints, more often than not will result in increased profits.

Success might come through Speed, which is very much related to Scale. The faster you move kitchens through your shop, the faster you get paid, start more work and increase sales- the first step to higher profits.

Success may also come through an ability to Simplify… to simplify your production, all the elements of CabDoor Pre-finishing can be employed to any level that you are comfortable with, whether it is just pre-finishing of doors and drawer fronts to an entire pre-finishing package that gets you out of the finishing booth altogether.

Don’t waste precious capital…

Scaling up your capacity could be the most important, yet the most elusive or difficult part of the business. Questions always come to mind when making these important decisions.

With the outsourcing of a portion, or all, of the finishing process, you can focus your efforts and labor on increasing the output of your operation without increasing the operational footprint, investment or capital commitment.

Not All Woods Are Created Equal

Our ColorTrend™ Collection of finishes has been carefully and methodically developed to provide you with the best staining alternative for the wood species involved.

Several methods have been deployed to get you the best clarity and consistency through-out the job.

With this in mind, we have all the information you need to confidently choose ColorTrend™. We'll provide you the stains, if needed, and the instruction and control samples required to allow you to successfully incorporate ColorTrend™ into your business to whatever degree you are comfortable with, allowing you to take advantage of the ability to Scale, Speed-Up, or Simplify.

How Can We Help You?...

Your Clients need a lot... a lot of choices and a lot of options.

With the ColorTrend™ selection of stains, finishes, and Old Country finishes, you have the ability to please the most discriminating tastes.

When you select ColorTrend™, we will help you integrate the whole program, or a portion of the program, into your process.

With the ColorTrend™ stain systems, application instructions, and control samples in hand, our Sales Staff and Customer Care Reps are ready to help you go to another level in your business.