CabDoor Ownership...

CabDoor Sales Rep.

Our Sales Promise

Even though it is our job is to sell product, we really enjoy figuring out how to get the products we sell to bring a higher level of success for you. Our goal is to help make you more profitable and make your operation easier to manage.

Chris Budzius
Sales Rep

CabDoor Customer Care Team

What makes our Customer Care Team special?

Our team understands that being a custom cabinetmaker is not an easy task. They know that you need things to help you take care of your client. Sometimes, very custom things. Our people in Customer Care realize that in order for you to truly stand out in the crowd, they have to find a way to fulfill those needs. So, they are here and ready to take on that challenge - "where custom is standard".

Jeremy Brown
Customer Care Teamleader

"I succeed, when my team succeeds"

Melina Flores
Customer Care- Oregon


Rachael Eades
Customer Care- Oregon & Regional

"Optimism served up refreshingly cold (and sweet)"

Aileen Robles
Customer Care- Washington

"What more can I say?"

Sarah Anderson
Customer Care- N. California and Arizona

"A personal connection that's priceless..."

Our Order Entry Team

Every client order starts with the Order Entry Team. With their dilligent efforts to work through the terminology and nuances of every client, the Shop Floor can accurately provide what's needed when delivering the products and services the CabDoor client has ordered.

Our girls are special... with a company philosophy of "promote from within" these girls have worked on the Shop Floor, and it gives them a great start to prepping orders for the Shop. They know first-hand how "custom is standard" at CabDoor.

CabDoor Delivery & Shipping Team

We're there when you need us...

The job's not done until it's delivered- intact and ready-to-use. As one of the toughest jobs in the company, our Delivery Crew is spectacular at taking care of the clients needs.

Sprinkling every deliver with a personal touch of service, the guys find a way to get you what you need, when you need it.

Mike, David and Brian are busy getting the product ready to go...

Above: Careful handling and top-notch packaging ensures that all the effort and waiting for the product isn't lost at the last step...
Below: Jose takes on Seattle, Rudy challenges Bend, and Diego "puts on the miles"...

CabDoor Production Team

The heart of the company...

The Production Process starts with great materials from great vendors... Greg and Frank make sure that the Shop Floor never runs short of materials.

Above: Jose tackles lumber yield, and usually wins!...

Below: Maria matches staves for that next great panel, while Karina preps moulded parts in the Mitre Cell.

Above: Jerson and Juan can "bang-'em out" as Assembly Cell 1 has another impressive day.

Below: Now that doors and parts are assembled, Luz Maria inspects for quality.
Jose adds the Edge Detail- A little finish sanding and these doors are ready for QC

Above: Mario touches up the edges after Edge Detail...

Aaron preps the bander for some custom doors.

Margarito is on it!... the parts are all there and they look great!

Maria masterfully adds the final touches of glaze in paint

At the other end of the building, Luis is taking care of ThermoLamRTF parts on the CNC Router.

Monica... our thermofoil press expert- she always lights up the room with her smile.

CabDoor's Industry Partners

A Supply Chain that works...

With supply chain management popular in industry today, CabDoor enjoys a great group of suppliers that understand our needs, our client's needs and committment. Much like we work to supply our clients, we try to buy the under the same philosophy- long term relationship plus committment plus good value equals a strong supply chain.